Skippy Rock Game

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A Message From the Creators of Skippy Rock

We hope you like Skippy Rock. We made it for you to play and enjoy for FREE!!!!! Please purchase the “no-ads upgrade”. We actually play the game ourselves on a regular basis. That’s how I know it doesn’t suck. So play and find out for yourselves.

This game for those people looking for colorful and friendly mobile games that are also challenging, and despite limited content, offer quite a bit of replayability due to the difficulty. This game is for those people.

Art, programming, and game design were done by Jason and Daniel Moore (we’re brothers, we’re not married - not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Music was created by Nathan White. He also plays the voice of “Emo, the courageous rock skipper”

This website was created by Daniel Moore.


If you are having problems, please consider upgrading your device to the latest firmware. Consult the manufacturer for more details. If the game is too tough, you just need to keep playing, it is definitely beatable. There are 300 obstacles total. Just like the number of Spartans who stood their ground in the Battle of Thermopylae. Just like the Spartans, these obstacles are tough, but just like the Spartans, with enough determination, they can be defeated. We’re not saying that you or “the rock” are like Persians (unless you want to be), because we think Spartans are cool, especially because of the movie… we’re just saying it’s tough, that’s all. If this helps, great, if not, email support: DDSgamesLLC at - we may one day check this email account.